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Dog Heat Symptoms

July 9, 2008

Dog heat is widely called the estrous cycle. During this period female dogs can get pregnant if they mate.

The informations below will be the female dog symptoms when they are in heat period.

The first stage of dog heat symptoms is swelling of the vulva and sudden increase in urination. It is a little hard to detect the heat symptoms in small dogs so you will have to pay a closer attention to know her first cycle. Male dogs can detect this period and you will see them hanging around your house.

The approximate time of the first cycles is usually start at 6 months – 1 year. However this is just only approximation and the period can be faster or slower depend on your pet breed and size. Surround environment also has indirect effect on the period too. If after 1 – 1.5 year old and your pet still in normal condition (no heat symptoms) then you should do some check with your local veterinarian.

The heat cycle usually last in 3 weeks. Again this period is an average or approximation on the period. Most female dogs usually have estrous cycle every 6-8 months. It is also common to see your pet in heat twice a year.

You can know your pet pregnancy by checking progesterone levels and the best day to mate is usually aroud days 11 – 15 counting from the first signs of her cycle.

During eat period female will let male to mount on her and most of the female dogs will reject male when they are not in heat period.

You should also check for some other problems such as genetic, hip conditions etc.

You can also take your female dog to exercise eventhough she is in her heat period. You will notice all those male following her like a magnet. You should becareful and never let her out of your sight because there is a high risk that she will mate with other male dogs and infected with diseases, fleas, bacteria and other problems.

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